Friday, November 21, 2008


it was amazing to be at a midnight premiere. the teenage girls went nuts from the second the title appeared on-screen. it was a thrill to be a part of the energy-- i felt 15 years younger. there were quite a few elementary school aged girls there with their mom's & sisters, and plenty of college aged, middle-aged & even older women there was a total girls night out & something i haven't done in forever. i loved it.

Edward Cullen melts your heart every second he's on-screen, Rob Pattinson is just hot & did an awesome job. The whole cast is great. i wish they had a bit more of the Cullens in the film- i definitely wanted more Alice, Emmett & Rosalie and i wanted more Jacob too. i just wanted more!! LOL! thankfully, i can always break the books out again (i've read Twilight 4-5 times now)! i loved Stephenie Meyer's cameo- it is just like the ones Stephen King has in his films- made me smile! i so hope she'll keep 'popping' up somewhere in the next films. it was totally left open for the next film (books 2-3 will be combined for the next film i believe)
ahhh how i love this series! *swoon*

EDIT: As of Saturday evening, i've now seen the film 3 times! The premiere on Thursday/Midnight Friday, again on Friday evening, & yet again early today (Sat)! all of my friends weren't all able to go at the same time, so lucky me- i got to meet them all at different showings! 8) i'll go again anytime- call me! LOL

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