Wednesday, December 3, 2008


we had a wonderful trip to Maryland to celebrate the holiday with family. it was very cold, but so beautiful- i'd forgotten how lovely all the trees and grass & deer in the yard can be! my in-laws home is one of my dream houses- it's so comfy cozy, and it just felt good to be back home. Mimi & i left lots of apples out for the deer, and enjoyed watching the squirrels. she loved every minute of being with her Meemo & her Grampa & Uncle Florin-so cool- makes my heart happy. one night,we drove out to the bay & stayed overnight on their boat- which also reminded me of how very much i miss the water and spending time with them. The Chesapeake Bay is one of my most favorite places on earth- i have so many wonderful memories. yes there were some tears leading up to the holiday and a moment or two while i was home - i miss my mom & dad & the holidays are still hard- i just always wish they could see my sweet girl and be with us too. i know they're smiling down. hope you had a wonderful holiday too.

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