Friday, November 7, 2008

missin' my friends & the hubs!

today was the start of the ScrapETC Wrapper's Delight event- i was supposed to attend & was getting so excited see all my friends & give them giant hugs, get started on super cute holiday projects, take amazing classes & scrap the night away!! unfortunately, real life got in the way, when my husband's schedule was interrupted by a seriously huge list of projects. he's been working 7 days a week, 12-14 hour (during the week) days for a month now- animating videos & art directing an amazing booth for a client's upcoming convention. i had to cancel all our AL trip reservations & stay home with our baby girl. I have to say everyone was just wonderful despite my late cancellations. we're both trying to stay thankful for all the work- when so many other companies are struggling in this economy. it's still a bummer that my husband has to work SO many hours- so we're missing him too! i was so looking forward to the trip, but i know they're all having a heck of a good time at the event & i just wanted all my ScrapETC girls to know that i miss them & i love them so & hope they'll make some super cute Christmas cards & remember to send me one!! lol! can't wait to hear all the deets!!


HoweverAlthough said...

Gabbe - I thought about you so often during the weekend and missed you so! Virginia posted photos on her blog and I will post some soon so check it out. It was very inspiring and lots of fun!

Oh, and Hello, Cupcake! What a cutie pie you are!

Virginia said...

I so wish you could've been there! :( Maybe next time around! You just need to move closer, I think.