Friday, November 7, 2008

hello world


my name is cupcake. my mom had a momentary lapse of sanity & brought me home from the animal shelter while we were visiting during a howl-o-ween event. they thought they were "just looking" & thought maybe they'd visit the little, young, smaller puppies- but ha! i found them first. i'm 9 months old and they shelter said that i am a blue heeler/Australian cattle dog/retriever/dalmation mix (but i really don't know what i am- but i sure am spotty & tall). i am super friendly and i love dogs and little kids. i am a destroyer of toys- i've gone through a half dozen this week already! i can jump and run as if i'm a greyhound or wippet or something. i'm goofy & friendly and they could never refuse me. besides, i picked out the dad of the family- it was love at first sight! gherkin likes to play, but gets grumpy easily with me, but i should help keep her young if i don't wear her out first. if i'm not full on playing, i am snuggly & sleeping, and like to stick my super long legs out on you (mom calls it 'giving me the sticks') i can easily reach up past every counter in the house, but mom is quickly teaching me that i can't do that. i'm super smart and love to play fetch. i am already very protective. i am 98% potty trained, which makes mom very happy. my favorite treats are busy bones & snausages. i am trouble. do you think my mom will change her mind?
EDIT: i went to the vet today (sat) & it turns out i'm a Catahoula Leopard Dog- the state dog of Louisiana!! hope we'll move to a home with lots of grass again someday! 8)

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