Friday, September 5, 2008

um, where did august go? (picture heavy post)

i cannot believe it's been so long since i've posted! we just got home from our annual San Diego trip to celebrate our baby girl's birthday! can you believe she's f-o-u-r? totally blowing my mind...better not blink- it's flying by! anyway- we had tons of fun! we stayed right near Sea World again, and loved it. we had dinner with Shamu, saw our favorite dolphin show (sing the soak zone song along with me people) and of course our family favorite- a visit with the moray eels! we had a breakfast with Elmo & friends, enjoyed watching her run about in the water park area, rode some rides, played some carnival games, chased each other in the grass & just had a ball. all in all, there was lots of smiling and dancing and acting silly. we relaxed on the beach (so so good for all of us), we dug in the sand, we made a cute sand sculpture,we found some sand dollars, we got sunburned (not so fun, but we all have a nice glow now)and ate gobs of junk food (can you say fruit, soup & salad are all i can eat until i recover?!) crisco rented a wet suit & a long-board & fell in love with surfing (it was already on my list of mom/daughter things to do because i've always wanted to try it)- he also stepped on a stingray and required immediate attention & no, i'm not joking! he really stepped on one & it stabbed him in his foot! it was pretty scary because the wound was bleeding pretty heavy- like maybe it would need some stitches,and a short while later he was in excruciating pain as the venom moved up his leg! the lifeguards had him soak the injury in a very hot tub of water for about an hour, and then he had to soak it as needed in order to neutralize the toxin and kill the pain. crazy. i'm so so thankful it wasn't life-threatening and that he's healing up just fine. he was bummed that he had to stop surfing! anyway- here are photos of some of the highlights- a few are coming soon to some scrappy projects, i'm sure! so enjoy, i'm off to bed- it's super late already!

nothin' like a CA sunset!

our cute cat sand sculpture!

my loves

the beach just rocks!

water park fun!

dude, you're ridin' it!

stingray sting


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HoweverAlthough said...

Wow...what a fun trip! I'm so glad you has such a great time. And a stingray? That's FREAKY!