Friday, August 15, 2008

phelps phans here

sorry i haven't posted in a while. we've had lots of company visiting (they left last weekend), i was busy reading Breaking Dawn (i finished it in about 6 or 7 hours), and now olympic fever is ragin' at our house! Go go go Michael Phelps- tonight he goes for his seventh medal (the 100m fly). the dude is just awesome! we love cheering him on (& our other athletes too!)even mimi is enjoying the olympic coverage-i need to try and find us some cute t-shirts. gotta go change for bed & catch a little more coverage before bed! sweet dreams!

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Patricia said...

Here you are...I wondered if you had a blog too. You are very talented. Your blog looks just as amazing as your work, can't wait to check it out more. You'll have to share with me how you did your buttons...I'm just getting into digital stuff and though i've made progress, still so much to learn. Ahhhh, so much fun stuff, huh??!!