Friday, September 19, 2008

oh my eyes!! (repeat in your best borris karlov monster voice)

i've been quite sick all week with horrible pink eye in both eyes! i can hardly stand to look at the computer- it really makes them more watery & itchy. if i try to sit too long, they get so cloudy that i can't really see at all. i took Mimi to the doctor this past monday- she has a large stye on the inside of her right top eyelid (relieved because i thought it was a chalazion for sure) and the pediatrician said, what's up with YOUR eyes too & gave us both prescription antibiotic drops. Yes-it is a total nightmare to try & give a toddler eye drops- it's practically hopeless! anyway- i'm glad it's me who got the contagious ick in both eyes, and MC got the sty. (fyi- a sty isn't contagious, it just looks scary)--doctor guessed that the ocean water we played in was pretty germ-y, and likely caused the sty. hope it all clears up soon. see- now i've been typing too long & the tears are streaming down my face...gotta run.

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