Saturday, August 2, 2008

breaking dawn

WooHOO! it's 1:32am pst, and i just got home from a most awesome Breaking Dawn release party at Borders on the Las Vegas strip! awesome crowd, awesome entertainment! do you know i FORGOT my flippin camera?!! i was so excited i didn't even want to turn around & grab it! should-a because the Vegas peeps were stylin'!! 8) i nabbed an empty box too so i can cut it up & make some stuff! yay!! i feel like i've been waiting forever for this book -i almost can't believe it's in my hands!! you know what i'm doing- i'm cracking this baby open RIGHT NOW (i have at least a good hour right?! lol! & i did have the giant iced white mocha coffee right after i signed in- right?! for the record- i was number 237- no one could tell me a final tally, but it was packed- maybe 850-1000 people in all? i hope to find out an exact number when i'm back in the store in the next day or two) OH & even more great news- the entrie fam is here visiting for my dear mother-in-law's 70th birthday- even 88 yr old grams! so cool! nite all-- sweet dreams!! oh how i love me some edward cullen (insert wicked smile here!)

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