Monday, June 23, 2008

hangin' in there

well we got through the difficult weekend. the viewings and funeral services were beautiful and very emotional. the Nelson family has a long road of healing ahead, and it will surely get harder for them once all the family and friends head home. we will be with them every step of the way with love, support and prayers. meanwhile, we are all still battling our allergies plus this cold/cough congestion ick- it is the worst, and seems like it's going to be one of those bouts that's going to hang around for 3-4 weeks. ugh. Chris is by far the worst of all of us, and with everything that's been going on of course, he's still got to get up & go to work everyday.
On to some happier notes, i am very excited because some fun projects i'm working on are gearing up!! it's almost the 25th of the month (totally freaking me out- where the heck did JUNE go??) and that means it's time for Scrap-your-day again (see the blinkie on the side bar). i'm also going to start a new mail swap with some great friends- it's an envelope round robin & i can't wait to see what we end up with! Oh and 52 card pick up at BPS started today! today is technique 1- an embossing paint resist-oooh sounds cool! i also did a digi-layout for a SISiversary challenge about myself & my 40th birthday (which was june 4th but i don't even think i posted since i was feeling old & freaked out)- i'll try & get some pics up later today after i finish my technique card! anyway- it feels good to write a bit!
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HoweverAlthough said...

Hey you...Still praying for the Nelsons and for you 3...
I love Shimelle - did you do the journaling exercises she posted every day in Feb? Very cool.
I haven't committed to the Scrap Your Day thing yet...
I, too, am very excited about the envie round robin! I'm just not sure what I will do...thinking on it...can't wait to get the Twilight cards, though. HUGS!

HoweverAlthough said...

oh, and I totally missed your b'day. Sorry. I'm a schmuck. Hope it was happy!

scrappy jen d said...

Thank you for this very sweet and supporting comment!
Hope times get happy for you again.
Loved the pic: nice painted little cutie!