Monday, June 16, 2008

sad news

sorry haven't been blogging much. mimi-c & chris are very sick with some sort of viral ick that has made their voices hoarse, fevers rage, and is now producing a horrible congested cough. they are quite the pair. i've been dr. mom since last wednesday or so. i've called in to the pediatrician, who says unless the fever is super high (103 or higher) it's not strep, and it'll all run its course. i already have the prescription cough/congestion medicine for toddlers, so we're on it. sadly, i have worse news to share. i'm requesting some thoughts & prayers for our business partner and his family, the Nelsons. They are some of our closest friends. it's with a heavy heart that i pass along the sad news that their son Johnny, suffered a terrible heart attack in his sleep on friday night, and is now in the icu on life support. he's being officially declared brain dead tomorrow. we, along with his family and friends, are grieving for this awful loss. i will miss his wonderful, warm smile; his laugh, and his free spirit. Johnny was always true to himself, and was a loving, kind-hearted, all-around-cool dude. we will miss him terribly, and remember him often. please keep him and his family in your heart. thanks so much- the prayers and kind thoughts really do help.

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HoweverAlthough said...

Gabbe, I'm so sorry that Chris and Mimi are so sick. I'm sure you are an excellent nurse, though, and I hope they are better soon. I will keep the Nelsons in my thoughts & prayers. I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for all of you. Johnny sounds like a neat person who is very beloved.

Keep on truckin', girl. I love you!