Thursday, July 3, 2008

mailArt swap

super excited about this envelope swap with my friends on the ScrapEtc message boards. everyone had to take an envelope, decorate it in some way & mail it on to another person, who then adds their art, re-addresses it & sends it on to yet another person...and so on until you get it back! i think there's 8 of us doing this, so it's going to be so super cool when it comes back to me!! i used acrylic purple paint and did some embossing- some resist and some just over the paint. i also used a heidi swapp mask & ranger distress ink, and i used some watercolor drips that i blew around with a straw (totally inspired by this fantastic tutorial by the amazing SIS fashionista Corinne Delis, in which she makes backgrounds with nothing more than liquid watercolor and a straw!)i had a blast making a mess! i kept it simple so nothing could fall off in the mail, and i tried not to cover the entire thing so the others had a teeny bit of space left! i love this project- it's helping to lift my spirits and that is good!!

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