Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dec Daily Day 2-twinkle

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I hope it's warm wherever you are- because tonight, it's getting chilly in Las Vegas! It's 46 degrees right now at 8pm-going down to 40=brrr for those of us in the High Desert, but we're keeping warm with Holiday cheer & a sip or two of Pinot Grigio & Egg Nog with Brandy while we trim the tree tonight! 
Here's day 2 of my dec daily. This is just a jpg of my digi file- i'm planning to add a filler card from a kit underneath the date in the album.
My 11 year old daughter has this crazy idea that we can win our neighborhood HOA home decoration contest this year- I say crazy, because people here take this competition to level 11- for real.  They create outrageous displays that make  Clark W. Griswold look like an amateur! Think I'm kidding?! Check out last year's winner on you tube to see what we're up against. LOL! Really there's no hope, but how do you say no to trying- right?! it's all good. Home judging is on the 14th- any & all reasonable ideas are welcome- may the odds be ever in our favor ;)
How is your December going? We are starting to fill up our calendar with fun holiday activities & that makes me super happy! i'd much rather decorate cookies, ride The Polar Express, and kiss the camel at The Grand Canyon Deer Farm, than be at our local-frenzy-filled-even-though-it's-only-dec-3-vegas-malls anyday! The next 2 weeks bring: decorating cookies with our neighbors/master hoa, we have a Christmas Piano Recital on the 11th, followed by a nice family dinner out, we're heading to AZ for the Polar Express & we have buffet brunch with Santa this weekend! WooHoo!! My Dec Daily is going to write itself this year- LOVE! i'm trying to enjoy every second because our  daughter is at that age (11 & an 'only') where having a friend along is starting to become very important rather than just hanging out with Mom/Dad so i'm soaking up every second while i can! hope you're remembering & planning to enjoy your holidays! be back soon! xo

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