Monday, March 7, 2011

hi everyone!

WHEW! it has been FOREVER since i've blogged. we've had a crazy time around here- first, my daughter & i were very sick in January with a terrible cold/cough/bronchitis that held on for almost 3 weeks. in February, the hubs finally caught our bug, but he let himself get so run down that he ended up with walking pneumonia! he's way better now but he's still fighting the last of it off. Now today my daughter has yet another runny nose/headcold/allergies coming on- ugh! (didn't help that a friend stayed for a sleepover this weekend & was sneezing & coughing- LOL) needless to say, i'm definitely looking forward to Spring 'cause we've had a tough ride this winter!! brb with my MFT WSC Sketch post! sending wishes that you & yours are staying HEALTHY!!

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