Friday, February 13, 2009


sorry- i've been missing for a while. my Mac was down & out for repairs- i can't tell you how crazy & lost i was without my computer! i was worried if i would lose all my photos (over 12,000) & data/stuff- it was awful! my life is on my machine!
my husband's been out traveling for the last few weeks & now that he's back home, my daughter & i are battling horrible allergies- some of the worst we've ever suffered. i'll be so so thankful when our sinuses ease up & we can breathe again! it is such a pain and driving me crazy.
we're also super busy these days- Mimi is in classes 4 days a week across town- it's fun but we're always running somewhere. i have to get to bed earlier too, so am not up late enjoying creative time- although i did take another AWESOME card class taught by my amazingly talented friend Laura. love her & her cards!!

i did want to share info about some amazing challenges & projects going on:
• first up is the weekly challenges at the ScrapETC forums- come on over & create a free user account & get in on the fun! The Design team is posting amazing challenges. These are my favorite girls in the universe & my friend Mandy has a great challenge up this week- use the word 'crush' somehow in the title of a project. deadline is the 22nd! please try & play along!! i'm hoping to do this one soon!

• next up are rockin' hybrid projects that are cheap & cool. You download & print from House of 3 this is a total no-brainer- it's Heidi, Janet & Rhonna together- they make for some fabulous digi-goodness-you gotta go check 'em out!

• i also can't wait for my Feb. Scripts kit to arrive. These kits rock!

• ooh & my Jenni Bowlin project kit should be here soon too! this month's project is too stinkin' cute!

I'm also participating in 3 swaps this month on SIS- 2 are 6x6 recipe cards and i also have to bust out 18 purple ATC's for a rainbow ATC swap! thankfully, they're not due until the end of the month- so i hope i can feel well enough soon to get to work on them.

i'll try to update this post with some project pics as i go!
{{giant hugs}}


The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Bummer bout your computer...and glad I found your blog! :):):):):):):):):):)

HoweverAlthough said...

I've missed your blogging. And I meant to tell you earlier that the pic of Mimi in your header makes me very happy. Thanks for the shout out re the challenge. I need to post my layout. FUN!
Hope you all feel better soon. A trip to the south would do you some good I bet. :)