Saturday, December 27, 2008

happy christmas!

hi! i hope everyone's having a wonderful Christmas time! some of my in-laws are here until next week & we're having a great visit! Christmas was even more magical this year, as we all scaled back and focused on quality time together & the things that are most important. i have been cooking & cooking & cooking-- and have really been enjoying it! i am sorry to report that everyone's card is STILL in my kitchen! LOL...and it's all good, because i know that you know my heart's in the right place! my dh has been very sick for the past 3 weeks with a very bad cold/virus/ick (my dd & i had it for 2 weeks after we got home from our Thanksgiving trip!) but today at least, everyone seems to be doing so much better (please knock on something for us), and for that, i'm very thankful! wanted to share some pics with you. sending all my love & best wishes as we get closer to 2009!

made with the Dec Scripts Kit

Mimi with her dad & grampa

mimi loves playing ju jitsu with uncle florin!

mimi & her grama meemo playing pirate girls

some of the feast! deep fried turkey (made in a hail storm!), honey ham, green beans, roasted potatoes, pumpkin bread, glazed carrots, cranberry relish, pear/blue cheese salad with a champaign vinaigrette (amazing), gravy, buns, gingerbread cake, cookies & on & on & on!

uncle flo enjoying another Jager Monster (jagermeister,grenadine,OJ)

brothers being silly!

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