Saturday, January 9, 2010

into the thick of it!

hello and very happy belated {{GIANT HUGS}} and all my best wishes for 2010!!
it is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless you & yours, and that He will keep us all healthy, safe & well.

the holidays started off with me being quite ill- i got sick the day before our Christmas vacation and am still fighting off a lingering eye infection. despite feeling crummy while out of town, i had an amazing Disneyland vacation with my family- the whole park was so beautifully decorated and we made incredible memories with our daughter & nephew. i was thrilled that some of the family flew from Detroit and met us in California. super cool Christmas gift. i promise to post some pictures soon- unfortunately, my computer decided to crash & burn the first week of '10 too- the logic board fried beyond repair. i went without a computer for several days which made bill paying impossible for the first week of the month- but what'cha gonna do, right?! :) yesterday the hubs brought home a new computer, so i'm typing this post with our fabulous new MacBook Pro and man is it saaa-weeeeet! LOVE it! totally worth the hassle ;)

even bigger news to share is that in the last 2 days, i have fallen down what seems like the bottomless rabbit hole- the dreaded (cue the Darth Vader March music)-total scrap room overhaul! ACK! scary but true. it's been hard to find what i'm looking for & i've finally just had it with bins falling on me, the piles everywhere, tripping over things, total chaos and disorder. for the holidays, i gathered supplies up & had to go elsewhere in the house just so i had a sane work area! so i just finally decided & have put EVERYTHING creative on a back burner for as long as it takes to completely sort, purge and get a better system in place. sadly, this means i have to put a stop on my beloved Scripts, Noel Mignon & Jenni Bowlin project kit purchases for a while, but i have so many piled up- it's really more than i can handle. i really want to USE my stuff instead of just COLLECT MORE stuff. you know what i mean?! my daughter's teacher has said that she will happily take any supplies off my hands (she has no idea what she's in for LOL!) and i'd love to send my friends anything they might be wishing for or needing too- so let me know & i can pack you up some goodies k? for the past 2 days, i have made a bigger mess by sorting & boxing up EVERYTHING in the room according to what it is & how it's used: all 12x12 cardstock in one box, patterned paper in another, all stamping supplies together etc-every single thing is being grouped & sorted this way. then i will purge each group and i mean REALLY purge (today i took a sterilite bin full of rub ons & purged down to less than 5 total packs that i'm keeping- i mean business!) it is a huge project but i'm totally excited and inspired by just the thought of an organized, well functioning creative space! anyway- if you don't hear much from me for a while- not to worry, i'm just gonna be on the floor upstairs purging away & building some shelves :) be back with photos soon!


Enjoy the Ride said...

I completely feel your pain with the scrapbook space overhaul! I just moved all of my stuff out of my bedroom to a space downstairs in our basement. I did NO cleaning or organizing before the move so now everything is completely blown up! I HAVE to get it in order so I, too, can USE what I have instead of collect! Good luck! Wish me luck! :)

Patricia said...

Thanks again, Gabbe, for the PM over on SIS. Wow, I can see you are really doing some serious purging. Good for you! And I hope you feel much better soon. But sounds like your trip was wonderful!!!

I'm so glad we got to meet and can keep in touch (as much as we both can), and have fun sharing this hobby. So I nominate you for the Creative Blog award. Go to my blog to see the details.