Sunday, November 1, 2009

more to share

here's some pics from our Halloween festivities! hope you all got a chance to relax and enjoy some sweets today! we went to an over the top birthday party this afternoon (at a local ranch complete with pony rides!) and are now trying to settle into our 'normal' routine tonight for back to school tomorrow morning (wish us luck-between the sugar, the time change and all the parties we're way off our'normal routine' around here- LOL!!) i've also thrown my back out somethin' fierce & am going to take some pain meds to knock myself out (& pray it's better in the morning!) be back soon!

our Halloween started with a trip to a bird preserve for a presentation of 'Birds with a Spooky Reputation'- ravens, crows, owl and vultures.. oh my! we were hoping to see some of these spooky birds up close but we only got to meet them via a great lecture, photos, exhibits & recorded sounds. We did however get to spy some ducks & egrets thru the viewers & take a nice walk around the ponds!

next up was our carving of the jack-o-lantern (& roasting the seeds of course!)

here it is lit up on the porch- so cool!

tried to take a shot of the outside of our house but had the wrong lens

we put webs in every corner of our living room last week- spooky fun!

then we all got dressed up & headed out to meet friends for trick-or-treating!

we enjoyed spaghetti and 'eyeballs' for dinner-they were tasty!

with some leftover scraps & rubs from my noel mignon kit, Mimi helped me make a bookmark & decorate a small pumpkin scented candle!
pumpkin bucket stamp from Trick or Treat with Who's That Girl stamp set by My Favorite Things

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Virginia said...

She is such a cutie! And I love seeing all your craftiness!! :)