Thursday, May 28, 2009

up at the crack-o dawn

i woke up really early- around 6:15. that's really early around here- none of us are early morning people. the house is still and quiet- everyone else is still sleeping, and it's a bright, sunny morning- i've opened up all the blinds, fixed some coffee & am just relaxing- it's pretty nice! i'm not sure if it's the diet, or that i'm getting older, but lately i've started waking up after about 6-7.5 hours of sleep. i'm up & ready to go! i've never been like this- i've always needed much more sleep- it's kind of nice for a change. i'm also getting to bed at much more reasonable hours which i'm sure has a lot to do with it too, and although it's cutting into my usual late night/all night crafty time, i'm feeling much more rested. if this keeps up, i might even try to start doing some exercise before anyone else is even up- but i have to work up to that- it's nice to just sit & be reflective before the loud, crazy day begins. it will also be very handy once August rolls around & Mimi has to get up early for school everyday (she's going into Jr. K.) have a great day!

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