Wednesday, March 4, 2009

freakin' awesome

is how the Photojojo Vegas photo safari was today! i was thrilled when i read they were coming to town for the big PMA convention (it's an International, all things photo/imaging convention) & they were hosting a photo safari to Vegas' Neon Boneyard sponsored by HP- WooHoo! Of course, it was full, but i still put my name on the wait list thinking- you never know, right?! Well i got a text like an hour out that a few spots had opened up-so i called right away!! there was no way i could make it in time to catch the group shuttle from the convention center, so i called them & drove down to the site & met up with everyone there! YESSSSSS! By the way-if you're not yet receiving Photojojo's email newsletter- leave here immediately & go sign up already!!
it was quite a big group of fellow shutterbugs- it was great!! we walked around taking shot after shot. good stuff. i met some really great people & even got to meet some of the Photojojo staff- Jen the shop manager and Amit himself!! such a thrill!! Another highlight was meeting a man from Australia taking pictures with his incredible instamatic Land Camera (old silver one with bellows- i had to stop & watch-my jaw fell open!) & oh man did his shots ever ROCK gorgeous! After the shoot, we met up at a local Irish pub for photo printing & giveaways & drinks! today was such a treat! i'd like to thank my sweet hubs for totally dropping everything this afternoon & making this happen for me- i had a blast & you're the best!
{{big hugs all}}
here's a few shots from the day: more to come as i edit- i can't wait to make some cool stuff with my pics!!

this is the only one i really tweaked in Photoshop so far:

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I can't say thanks enough for your donation!

I am super excited about this challenge!!!

Thanks again, for your $$ and your prayers!

I will keep my blog updated!
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