Friday, January 23, 2009

today - (lots of pics)

wow what a proud mom day! today was my sweet daughter's first princess dance class. the parents were invited to sit and watch, so i took the opportunity to take a few photos. i tried not to be too distracting. i was beaming the whole time. we all were. it was uplifting and inspiring, and made me thankful for this day. i will treasure these moments. the shopping trip last night for the ballet shoes, tights & dress was pretty special too, but to see her in class today--it was just magical. i had to rush home and connect the camera. i sent out a photo email straight away to the fam & made a new blog header & just had to share! i'm sure you'll be seeing some of these pics on some crafty projects soon! she sure makes my heart happy!
{{big hugs}}

The class music is from the Disney Princess movies.
There were several songs today from The Little Mermaid!

the girls warmed up with some general dancing around:

They shimmied with some scarves...

They played the Freeze Dance with a Princes Pose at each pause:

then it was time to get serious ;)
Here she is, her first time at a barre learning 'first position'

her first plea:

learning to walk on tiptoes:

There was also dancing with Princess wands, hopping on one foot, learning Princess twirls and curtsey's!
at the very end of class, everyone had a smile on their face.
this shot sums it up perfectly (My total fave!!)

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mary h. said...

OMG!!! I love the very last one. Even though you can't see her face, the joy is captured.