Friday, October 17, 2008

last week was just crazy!!

goodness, i didn't even have 10 minutes to spare to blog last week & the weekend has blown by in a blur & here i am on Monday night! geesh!! well- last week, we had lots going on... we had to make lots of treat bags for two preschool class parties, tried on at least 10 different costumes, baked & decorated sugar cookies, started some halloween scrappy projects, went to the Vegas Renaissance festival (the local barbarian guild, the dogs of war, are close friends & co-workers of ours!), went to a local pumpkin patch/mini-carnival. Meanwhile, the hubs had a terrible cold and had to sleep on the couch for a few days. His schedule is just insane- he has to work 15 hours or more/day + weekend hours for the next month straight! He's gearing up for the G2E Convention, where one of our VIP clients will have a huge installation. My husband & our agency designed the look for the booth of a very big gaming company- including a 360 degree video presentation. it should be amazing when it's finished. hope i'll get to go visit the floor of the expo! anyway- here's some pics!

one of the class parties
treat bags we made
the cookies we baked
The Dogs of War

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