Saturday, October 4, 2008

the gifts-tons o' pics (edited)

edited post: hope all the images aren't too terrible to download- just had to share!

i made the little altered book for my husband as an anniversary gift. it's also my submission for the first week of the finals for the SIS design contest (project catwalk). he really loves it.
well, we had quite an adventure last night! my husband came home in a red '57 chevy bel air that was jaw dropping gorgeous. i screamed out loud thinking he bought the insanely expensive, fantastic classic car, and was totally relieved to find out it was only rented for the weekend! we all went out for a fun meal at cheesburger, cheesburger (a 50's style burger/shake place no less) and afterwards, decided to cruise on the strip. man oh man did our daughter ever LOVE it! it was really great. While we're heading back home, we stopped at our office to make sure the staff locked the back door. it was like 9:15 or so. no big deal. we went in for a minute, then got back in our hip ride & well,it wouldn't start! totally dead. we called the rental car place, who sent a guy with another '57 chevy bel air- a black one. oh it was jaw dropping sweet! funny thing is, it had starting trouble too! so, he drove back to the lot for yet another classic car. He came back with a '40's suburban (the zz top car) black & red, all hot-rodded out with a flame paint job. it was pretty cool- but not nearly as nice as the other cars. by the time we got back home it was 11:30pm, & we had one tired kiddo on our hands. i was pretty beat too. funny thing is we had a really old buick (1927 i think) on our wedding day, and we had starter trouble that day too! lol! must be us & our heavy-duty, battery draining, electro-zappin' love- ooooh baby!

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HoweverAlthough said...

Wow! That is a lovely book and such a special gift! I know he loves it. You are very talented, Gabbe. So beautiful.
And what fun you all had! I love the crimson ride! :)I know some people who woul dlove to take that thing for a trip down the strip here in T'town!