Monday, September 22, 2008

altered notebooks

bought some notebooks the other day (fifty cents each at target)- they're the old school style composition notebooks with heavy covers! i couldn't resist altering them with fun sassafras lass papers & other goodies i had in my stash. i made one for my daughter to draw & cut/paste things in (she has fallen in love with safety scissors!) the robot one is for my good friend Zach! so fun!
other news: my eyes are healing- they're not as red & swollen, and i'm not feeling really sick anymore, but they're still a bit watery, irritated & sensitive to the light-it's been such a pain! at least i don't need to use the antibiotic drops any longer! mimi's sty is shrinking, with no sign of pink eye (yet). thank goodness. some of my in-laws return to Vegas this coming weekend for a wedding we're all attending. i don't have a thing to wear. hoping i can find something remotely cute- ugh. it reminds me that i really need to start following ww online again- i really need to commit so i can feel a little better about myself. it's just so hard for me to stick with it!
oh well- tomorrow is a new day right?! i so hope i can get some rest tonight!

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HoweverAlthough said...

Those are adorable! And I'm glad you are feeling some better. WW works...PJ has lost over 20 pounds. I'm not as successful as he. I just gain and lose the same pounds over and over again. But I don't follow it like he does. I know why he's more succesful...It's my own fault.